NHL point projections: How we observe the 2022–23 season to play out

BY - Akkas Molla

NHL teams have faced a sudden big change this season.

Goaltenders and coaches have also changed the team

The North American portion of the NHL schedule will open with two games

Bruinsto jumped on the standings but it could be a tough division.

goalie Cam Talbot was missing for five to seven weeks.

The NHL season is upon us and no one knows what's going to happen in nine months.

The 2022 Stanley Champion is coming into the season so he can win.

We Have six categories the top one being 110 plus second one 100 to 109.

Comfortably in the 69 or below category Boston's interesting because Boston had a pretty good season last year.

Our Next team in the bottom category our next team is the Colorado avalanche 119 points.