3 Factors to Purchase Nvidia Stock

BY - Akkas Molla

Nvidia stock fell more than 50% in the fourth quarter of 2018 after years of jaw-dropping rises.

Late in January, NVDA lowered its fourth-quarter guidance, sending Nvidia stock below $140.  Is NVDA a buy at $180?

First, Nvidia's chart.  NVDA averted selloffs or rallied despite Q1 negative news.

After a rough Q4, Nvidia stock's technical condition has improved.

50-day moving average boosts Nvidia stock. Nvidia chips may be excessive for certain applications.

Autonomous driving, datacenter, AI, and robots are NVDA's top applications. NVDA's growth will be fueled by this dynamic.

Nvidia stock fell, yet the corporation is producing tomorrow's technologies.

Nvidia announced a cooperation with Toyota Motors (NYSE:TM) and its DRIVE Constellation platform in its speech.

Nvidia's automotive division may boost its stock with Constellation and Pegasus solutions.

Compared to games and datacenters, Nvidia's car business is minor.

Autonomous technology may help investors recognise Nvidia will be a big processor provider for cars.