Cancer in the under 50s is rising, globally. why?

Are you well-versed in your likelihood of developing cancer?

The likelihood of developing cancer before the age of 50 is higher among people born after 1990.

Early childhood experiences can influence our chance of having cancer later in life.

Early cancer diagnoses are becoming more common as a result of dietary and lifestyle variables.

An acknowledged risk factor for developing the condition early in life is obesity.

It could be more challenging to treat and call for various kinds of care.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School researchers hypothesise that our food and microbiome may be involved.

Antibiotic use, breastfeeding, and a high-sugar diet all alter the gut flora, and as these factors change, so do the gut flora.

It could help with the introduction of sugar levies as advised by the WHO.

According to haematologist Dr Michael Rosenblatner, early identification and prevention are the first steps in creating preventative methods for future generations.