When severe weather occurs, such as Hurricane Ian, local utilities such as power and communications are disrupted, often for days at a time.

Major telecom providers have disclosed plans to assist Florida consumers in maintaining service throughout the crisis.

Public safety agencies reacting to the disaster are receiving free communications help from Verizon's crisis response team.

Building mobile cell towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, charging stations for free, and other services.

Through October 4, residents and small-business owners of Verizon in the Ian-affected regions will have unlimited calling, texting, and data.

According to a statement from Verizon's vice president of consumer products Shawn Alexander, "Hurricane Ian has already impacted the lives of millions of Floridians."

With this service, we wish to relieve one concern off our clients' minds so they can concentrate on being safe.

Accounts for both prepaid and postpaid services with billing addresses in the impacted zones are automatically included.

The company advises customers to verify their ZIP codes to see whether they qualify.

Additionally, T-Mobile is providing individuals who are anticipated to be affected by the hurricane with unlimited call, text, and data through October 3.

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