Georgia is undoubtedly not the perfect team in the nation.

It can't be in that frame of mind if it didn't begin to pull away from the group until 4:03 remained in the fourth quarter.

But the Bulldogs had the choice to cut into Missouri's lead, and they did it, winning 26-22.

Georgia now has a record of 5-0 overall and 2-0 in SEC competition.

The final score accurately depicts how difficult a struggle it was for the Bulldogs.

In the last quarter, Daijun Edwards scored the decisive goal with 4:03 remaining.

They practically played the whole game in the lead, committed several turnovers, and didn't score until the midway point of the fourth quarter.

In actuality, it was Georgia's most blatantly awful execution until that point.

A once-impeccable group really took risks while they played.

Georgia was unable to make its own unique escape until the fourth quarter as Missouri's defended line received exceptional push throughout the night.

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