Mob Community Vote 2022 Winner

There has been the yearly Mob Vote, and the winner can only be one.

The results of the community vote are broken down on this page.

What the mob will do when it joins the game and how it will interact with other Minecraft players.

Mob Community Vote Candidates are : Rascal, Sniffer and Tuff Golem.

The Tuff Golem was eliminated after the first round, leaving the Rascal and the Sniffer as the only two remaining.

In a game of hide and seek, the Rascal is a subterranean gang that you may locate three times to get unique goodies.

Community Vote 2022 Winner - "Sniffer"

In the Community Vote for 2022, The Sniffer received the most votes.

Future updates to the game will include this lovely creature, which was previously thought to be extinct.

It will assist you in finding unique Seeds, some of which may lead to the discovery of new plants.

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