Mr. Beast Refused To $1 Billion Deal, see why?

Image credit-  gettyimages

Jimmy Donaldson, a YouTube celebrity, claims he turned down a $1 billion deal.

Jimmy Donaldson has never received a check-in for one of his YouTube videos before.

Mr. Beast described this offer as "out of this world." He said that he would not reveal who made this offer.

Flagrant podcast co-hosts asked whether he has a price in mind for his channel and associated firms if he sells them.

Mr. Beast described it as "wild," and he doesn't want to mention it since he is living his dream.

We have 1,000 Beast Burgers and Feastables in 20,000 locations if we had a mobile game company with 100 million users, he added.

Burgers, chocolates, and cookies will cost between $10 and $20 billion.

Jimmy Donaldson intended to hire a programmer in July to create an iOS and Android mobile strategy game.

Jimmy contributed an island, luxurious cars, and millions of money. Donaldson rose to fame without incident.

Mr. Beast Burger will be available in December 2020. Mr. Beast Burger sold one million meals in three months.