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Next Week's Guilty Gear Strive Showcase                                                                  

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Arc System Works will host a 'Special Showcase' on November 21 at 1PM Pacific, or 9PM UK time.                                           

For whatever this turns out to be, the Japanese company is collaborating with IGN, which is an intriguing move.

Fighting games usually keep DLC character announcements or news for tournaments, but considering this is its own thing, we suspect something...bigger.

Prior to the end of 2022, Arc System Works promised to unveil and release Strive's second DLC fighter.

If that was the only disclosure the developer had, it would do so during the next big Guilty Gear tournament, Arc Revo Japan in early December.

Crossplay may have a debut date, but we're not convinced it deserves a 'Special Showcase'                                                       

Maybe a new and improved version of Strive will be released? Maybe there will be significant gameplay updates soon?

Whatever transpires, Guilty Gear fans can expect a thrilling period.                                                   

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