NVIDIA Closes Down The GeForce RTX 4080 12GB.

BY - Akkas Molla

Where you surprised when NVIDIA unveiled two GeForce RTX 4080 versions with very different features?

In response to complaints that the 12GB RTX 4080 is confusing, NVIDIA is "unlaunching" it.

The business stated the lower-spec product is "not called appropriately," even if it still thinks the 12GB version is a good video card.

When contacted for comment, the business would not specify if or how it may reintroduce the card and offered no other information.

The 16GB RTX 4080 is still scheduled to be on sale for $1,199 on November 16th as part of NVIDIA's Founders Edition.

As a result, the basic cost of RTX 40-level hardware has increased.

The jumbled message is mostly caused by variances outside of RAM sizes.

The higher-end variant has 9,728 CUDA (general-purpose computing) cores and a 256-bit memory interface, while the 12GB model has 7,680.

Despite the RTX 4080 name, you get a much slower GPU with the 12GB model, and the differences may be rather large.

NVIDIA's own testing revealed that the 12GB board lagged behind its 16GB sister in well-known titles by up to 30%.

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