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To solve the RTX 4090 melting issue, Nvidia is taking extraordinary measures.                                      

· The ongoing story with melted Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs is serious, and today's update is noteworthy.

· The situation is being treated seriously by Nvidia, according to internal knowledge.                                    

• Nvidia has requested that all affected cards be sent to its headquarters, even though its partners seem to have designed them.

· Igor's Lab is the source of today's delicious Nvidia knowledge.                                                 

· For a thorough examination, the business requested that any RTX 4090 cards that were damaged be sent right away to the main office.

· Tech enthusiasts are purposely putting the RTX 4090 through rigorous testing to figure out what's going on while RTX 4090 owners are experiencing the problem.

· All indications thus far point to the possibility that a bad connection might raise temperatures to the point where the cable and the power connector melt and catch fire.

· Given how large the GPU is, it was difficult to avoid bending the 16-pin connection during installation, which looks to be the root of the issue.

· Using a 12VHPWR connector, GALAX tested for loose connections.                                                           

· He continued by describing a few adapter-related issues and attributing their occurrence to a lacklustre construction quality.

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