Terry Bradshaw, a former Pittsburgh Steelers player, will return to the airwaves on Sunday morning.

Bradshaw's contentious message to Saints quarterback Jameis Winston over the weekend caused him to become viral.

Be careful; Andy Dalton might force you out of your position.

NFL supporters disapproved of Bradshaw's remark. His remark was sometimes attributed to Winston's race.

"Jameis just strives to get better, work harder, and be a wonderful teammate. Still, he receives this absurd accusation "a follower wrote. Another supporter chimed in, "On Brand."

"Terry has a difficulty. In the past, Bradshaw has drawn criticism for his remarks against Black quarterbacks and coaches, notably Pittsburgh Steelers' Super Bowl-winning coach Mike Tomlin.

Additionally, he has said some dubious things regarding Latino athletes "Another supporter commented.

Bradshaw, the best players in Steelers history, unquestionably doesn't keep down his perspectives while discussing FOX's NFL pregame show.

Even said, it wouldn't be all that shocking if Dalton replaced Winston as the starting quarterback.

This season, the Saints' offensive has been dreadful.

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