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Three Worst Foods For Your Gut Health.

The big intestine contains billions of bacteria and other microorganisms that make up the "gut."

The gut microbiome's health is greatly influenced by what we consume, and certain foods might be bad for your gut.

Dr. Chris Damman lists three items to avoid if you want to maintain good gut health.

1. Refined baked goods

High fructose corn syrup is a component of several baked products, according to Dr. Damman.

The bacteria in the gut need to be nourished, thus it's critical to consume enough dietary fiber.

2. Processed meats

The consumption of lunch meats, hot dogs, beef jerky, and bacon increases the chance of developing colon cancer.

Meat from the butcher, particularly white beef or grass-fed meat, is a superior choice (in moderation).

Modulating the gut microbiota is crucial for a person's general health as well as their chance of developing cancer.

3. Sugary drinks

Overindulging in sugar may compromise the intestinal barrier, increasing the permeability of the gut.

In particular, juices and diet drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup or saccharin might be detrimental to your digestive system.

Better alternatives include satisfying cold water, unsweetened teas, and unsweetened coffee.