Today, China locks 10 lakh people near iPhone plant.

· 10 lakh individuals in China are now restricted in the vicinity of the iPhone production.

• Zhengzhou, the world's biggest iPhone manufacturer, closed one of its busiest areas due to a virus epidemic, and China's Covid Zero policy will continue to affect business.

• The government has shuttered non-essential businesses and ordered Zhongyuan district residents to stay home starting Monday, save for Covid testing.

· Foxconn Technology Group, the manufacturer of iPhones, does not have any facilities in the area that has been restricted.

· Compared to the previous high of 40 cases on October 9, the city only witnessed 6 new local cases on Sunday.

· Investors who had anticipated for some signals of easing were disappointed by President Xi Jinping's Sunday statement that no imminent change to the strategy was imminent.

· According to economists polled by Bloomberg, growth would only reach 3.3% this year, which would be the second-lowest rate in more than 40 years.

· Additionally fueling the public's unhappiness are the strict Covid limits.

· Officials have been gradually limiting a rising number of operations rather than imposing widespread lockdowns in China's most significant cities, which have so far evaded them.

· According to parents and social media postings, a number of schools in Shanghai have halted in-person instruction as the concern about the spread of virus intensifies.

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