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Tuesday's complete moon eclipse: When to watch the 'blood' moon.                                           

On Tuesday morning, Election Day, there will be a complete moon eclipse throughout the whole country.

According to NASA, the next complete lunar eclipse that will be observed in the United States won't occur until March 2025.

When the moon and sun are on different sides of the planet, they prevent the other from receiving sunlight, causing an eclipse.

According to TimeandDate.com, the entire eclipse, for instance, will start in Washington, D.C. at 5:16 a.m. ET.

The Old Farmers' Almanac states that the full moon in November is referred to as the "beaver moon."                                                              

The Farmer's Almanac said that it is also referred to as the cold moon sometimes.                                                                       

In contrast to a solar eclipse, you don't need any special equipment to observe the spectacle.                                                      

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