Unilever recalls 19 dry shampoos for benzene contamination.

BY - Akkas Molla

Several dry shampoos from various brands are being recalled by Unilever because of possible benzene contamination.

Trace levels of the recognised carcinogen were detected in various aerosol spray products.

The voluntary recall of a small number of aerosol sprays was announced by Proctor & Gamble less than a year before.

A substance called benzene is produced spontaneously in volcanoes and forest fires.

Benzene exposure may happen via the skin, oral intake, and inhalation.

Johnson & Johnson voluntarily recalled certain Neutrogena and Aveeno sunscreen sprays in July 2021.

Volatile solvent benzene may swiftly and readily pass through the cell membrane.

There is no proof that any of the recalled P&G products had benzene in excess of the permitted quantity.

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