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Users say TikTok data privacy settlement paid out.                                                          

Early on October 27, 2022, TikTok users reported getting a data privacy settlement email. Others received $27.84 more.

On Twitter, a lot of people have questioned the legitimacy of the email and TikTok data privacy settlement they received.

According to NBC News, ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, resolved class-action lawsuits over data privacy from a subset of US users in February 2021 for $92 million.

A settlement was reached after more than a year of court proceedings.                                                                                    

TikTok has repeatedly refuted all accusations levelled against them.                                                                                              

"July 2022, fast-forward - settlement authorised" A year and a half later, a federal judge approved TikTok's $92 million data privacy settlement.

According to Media Post, users of TikTok "filed a total of 21 class-action lawsuits against the firm" that year.

TikTok data privacy agreement emails are sent to Twitter. TikTok settlement letters from Hawk Marketplace email addresses have been published on Twitter by consumers.

Before this date, all claimants who claimed to have received funds from the TikTok settlement turned in their paperwork.

This might account for at least two claims of receiving virtual prepaid cards valued roughly $162.